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[Important Announcement] Please be aware of Whatsapp texts fraud - posing as JobReferral Consultants

Jan 27, 2023
JobReferral has recently learned of a Whatsapp scam involving persons posing as company consultants, or falsely claiming to represent JobReferral, while inviting the public for some sorts of part time or freelance jobs.
Examples of texts are as follows.

JobReferral has absolutely no involvement with these fraudulent practices and do not make such solicitations.
Please be aware of this scam, and if you receive email/texts solicitations from anyone posing as the company consultants that appears even remotely suspicious, contact us immediately.

Do not respond to these emails or texts nor communicate with the sender, and do not provide the sender with any personal or financial information. Also, avoid clicking on links included in the emails, or the attachments, as doing so may result in malware or a virus being loaded on the recipient’s computer.



Achievers are always open for Challenges

Feb 14, 2018
Achievers are always open for Challenges
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Achievers are always open for challenges

Life can get tough at times. It can get tougher when someone assigns something all of a sudden especially to me, a person who used to prepare and finish tasks ahead. When I was assigned to the assignment of Chemical Engineer for one of my Japanese client, I was dumbfounded firstly as it was very last minute and secondly, I know nothing and had zero interest for it. But little did I knew that if I had the interest to learn, it could lead me to achieve tremendously. In the case of my Japanese client, I started off with a heavy heart and unhappy face. Initially I did not manage to get any qualified candidates for my client, everything seems to be like a waste of time for this position. But when my leader had so much of faith in me and solely rely on me for this, I had no choice but to not disappoint her and started to read up about Chemical Engineer, understand from candidates about the common job scope and learnt from client about what they require. Likewise, they say, I can’t believe my own eyes, I was literally astonished to hear the comment from my client that I had done a great job in shortlisting candidates and those who attended for interview were really qualified in some way. My client who planned to hire 1 headcount changed his mind to hire 2 headcounts due to the extremely qualified candidates whom I presented which made them really happy. Those praises aren’t going to stand alone as reputation, but as a motivation and has taught me that, achiever has to take the risks and challenges otherwise you see no good results. Putting in real effort will never fail us in anything we do.
Written on 12thApril 2017 by Harshini

What is My Job Market Value?

Jan 13, 2018
What is My Job Market Value?
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“What is my Job Market Value?”
Being a Recruiter, most often than not, I am asked by a lot of candidates “What is my market value?” For this, I am unable to come up with a perfect answer, instead, I have a lot of questions in my mind. Let me share with you of what are these doubts that I have:-

Scenario # 1:

An Accounts Manager, drawing RM 6300 being head-hunted by another company for the same position at higher offer had just tendered his resignation but being countered offer by the incumbent employer for RM 10,000 with the condition to oversee another operation department (e.g. purchasing department). He was overjoyed, so much delighted that he almost withdrew his resignation. In such a circumstance, based on simple mathematics, do you think the Manager worth RM10, 000 or RM 5000 (assuming RM 5000 for each department duties/responsibilities)?

My Doubt # 1: Is this a simple mathematic question with simple answer?

Scenario # 2:

A Production Manager, drawing RM 8000 with annual bonus track record hovering between 2 to 16 months for the past 6 years or averagely RM 5000 per month from the annual bonus distribution for the past 6 years. Do you think that the candidate worth RM 13,000 (RM8k + RM5k) or RM 9600 (RM8000 x20% of increment normally)? From candidate’s perspective, he worth RM 13,000 and that’s the reason he is getting averagely RM 13,000. On the other hand, from the employer’s perspective, because my company is performing well, hence, you are getting RM 13,000.

My Doubt # 2: Is this value depends on company business performance or solely depends on your own work performance?

Scenario # 3:

A General Manager, drawing RM 15,000 per month, performing the role of coordination between production workers and machines maintenance as well as reporting the details to the business owner feels the job satisfaction is not as high as an Operation Manager of another company which he ended up drawing RM 10,000, where he can make a lot of impactful operational decisions.

My Doubt # 3: Is the so-called market value determined/judged by own self or by the employer?

Last but not least, is "Value" in the eyes of beholder?

Not to mention those who work in Singapore, the value differences is simply due to CURRENCY effect.

By Grace Sia on 13 January 2018

The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

Dec 15, 2017
The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants
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在工作上,生活中,当遇到需要和对方沟通时,你会选择通过邮件(信息),电话还是面谈呢? 我喜欢通过邮件/信息通知或者联络,但是这个方法虽然方便也容易传递错误的消息。 记得有一次,我通过邮件传达一个信息,但是也许用词不当,没能清楚的表达我的想发进而导致一些错误的发生。虽然这次的影响不大,但是谁能保证下次能够如此幸运呢?
我的上司一直在鼓励我“开口”说话,能够面对面交谈是最好,在没办法的情况下,也确保尽量使用电话沟通。每一次我都会通过电话和候选人进行沟通,我一直避免邀请他们面谈(初步面试),对于缺乏经验的我,实在是不晓得该说些什么才能引导出候选人的特质,以加深对他的了解, 从而看出他对于该工作的契合度。然而,我发现通过电话面试没办法判断出候选人(D)是否与顾客的要求匹配。在上司的建议下, 我邀请了D 并与他进行面试。在面谈中,我能够观察对方与我的眼神交流,能够更加准确的判断出他是否诚实(真诚)的回答我的问题。甚至于,我发现候选人会在面谈中轻易的放下“警戒心”,更愿意分享他们的生活,也因此让我从而发现他们的潜质。D 并没有很高的学历 (SPM 文凭)。 但是通过面试,我发现他拥有身为销售员的潜在特质,有思想,能说会道,有影响力。 虽然过去的相关经验较少,但是我相信这个潜质将会在面试中被发现。因此我把我在面试中观察的结果传达给顾客知道,希望他们愿意邀请他来参加面试。 果真,在D和客户面试后, 他们很满意他的表现, 并且决定聘请他加入他们的团队。试着回想一下,你较常选择通过邮件/电话/面对面沟通呢?哪个是最有效率的沟通方式呢?


The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

Nov 14, 2017
The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants
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What goes around, comes back around

Have you ever heard of the saying “what goes around comes around”. Well, don’t only associate it with Karma but it applies in all of the contexts. I noticed these days, when it comes to break-up in a relationship, divorce, or while leaving a company to join a new one, little do we care to leave a good impression / relationship. The process often leaves with bitter memory which we will never be able to reminisce in the future. A simple example would be that, while breaking up with partner, do we care to leave a good impression by breaking apart in nicer way, or by fighting and leaving a bad impression. Trust me, the world is very small that one small action which you do may spark and burn the whole forest. It is very crucial to always leave a good impression even though you’re not at fault because this small good deed will take you to places as well as it helps to avoid bad / fake news about you from spreading. This does not mean that you need to fake yourself and try to be nice, but genuinely being nice will not cost you so much right. Moreover, the good deeds you do will definitely bring you a good name. Recently, I had an experience whereby one of my candidates almost got hired by an employer but unfortunately, after the reference checking, things got haywire and they decided to not hire due to some reasons. Now, let’s not beat around the bush. What I am trying to hint here is about the reference check. Have you ever gone through a situation where a potential employer requested for reference check from your ex-companies? During this period of time, you would realize how important it is to have a good reputation even though you’re no longer there. So, let’s not think about the present only and let’s try to foresee the consequences of it in the future.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Written on June 2017 by Harshini

The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

Oct 13, 2017
The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants
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面试往往是在招聘工作中最费神的工作,不管是基于申请者的角度,亦或者是招聘者的角度。大多数的社会新鲜人最为紧张的也是这个环节,当然也有“不怕”面试的勇士。面试顾名思义,就是面对面的考试,过程中,你的一举一动都会被严密的审查,你的任何反应都逃不过经验老道的面试官,他们的法眼。我曾经和我的同事一起把两名申请会计岗位的候选人送去了面试,两人在同天但是不同时间进行了面试,代号为A B。面试半个小时后,面试官表示两个人的实力其实不相上下,但是最后他们决定聘请A为他们的会计专员,其理由竟是面试中,A 所表现出的个性是属于有原则,会与他们据理力争的个性,当然这也大大增加了争执的可能性;B 则为绝对顺从型,但是看似稍微迷糊。与拍档讨论后,他们觉得A 在个性上更符合他们的 “理想型”,因此决定选择A。通过一个半个小时的面试,竟然能够了解那么多,我们到底在面试中无意识的透露了多少东西给面试官。面试官又如何能够在提问你的同时,观察及注意那么多的细节进而推敲出你是什么样的人? 你面试中展现的个性亦可以成为你的阻力或者是动力。不同人有不同的见解,我认为是缺点的地方,有些时候反而因此获得面试官的青睐,反之亦然。影响面试最终的结果也许不是面试中你的侃侃而谈,对答如流,而是你无意识所展现出来的你潜在的个性。


The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

Sep 14, 2017
The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants
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“Never judge a book by its cover”, this is a very famous saying but unlike what it implies, many of us tend to have a judgement about an individual basing on their appearance; what they wear, how they look & etc. Culturally, we are moulded that way. But did you know that the type of spectacles you choose forms different impression too. Being in the field of recruitment, I’ve realized and gathered some facts. Did you know that employers categorize people with the silver, thin framed spectacles as smart, neat, presentable and attractive compared to those who are with the latest trendy thick, coloured and designed framed glasses? In fact, one of my client (employer) commented that those with thick framed glasses could not be a good sales person as they are perceived to be less friendly, more egoistic thus not having the ability to develop businesses. Now, how true is this, you may want to observe and find out from your organization. But never forget that anyhow, spectacles are one part which forms your outlook and your appearance is the factor which determines the impression one is about to form. Be it in your personal life or career life, first impression counts so think of how you want to appear to your surrounding meanwhile not losing your natural aesthetics.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Written on 12th December 2016 by Harshini

The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

Aug 14, 2017
The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants
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Your Hair!

Would your hair colour determine the interview result? Being Asians, black hair is common especially in offices/corporate environments unless you are in beauty/fashion or filming industry that will be a different story. The story starts when my candidate who had just happily celebrated Chinese New Year in his newly dyed hair in bright, blonde colour planned to attend the interview with the same outlook. I was concerned at the beginning and then it became worries. This is simply because my client company’s Director is a conservative Japanese. Somehow, I insisted the candidate to recover his original hair colour a day before the interview and fortunately, he did! I was glad for his cooperation and he was offered for the position of General Manager!

·         Would you want to TRY attending interview in different hair colours?
·         If you are a Manager or the interviewer, would you be concerned over this factor?
·         Do you agree that proper attire (outlook) is important for interview? Is Hair style/colour considered as part of outlook as well?

No Right or Wrong answer, simply a decision/choice to make about how do you want to impress or be perceived.      

                                                                                                                                                                                              Written on 15 March 2017 by Grace Sia


The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

Jul 18, 2017

从我开始接触到这个行业之前,对于履历表的认识一直是很局限的。在大学时期我主修的是人事管理与发展科系学士学位,这个最有可能需要时刻接触履历表的行业。那个时候,我认为履历表只需要按照基本的标准去完成就可以了。但是,当我成为招聘顾问,阅读着成千的履历表时,我才发现它是变化多端的,甚至可以从中看出一个人的个性,可以说是一个据有个人特色,代表性的“作品”。它是我和那些申请者(候选人)的第一座沟通桥梁。在无法见到真人的情况下,我只能够依据这些不同的履历表来判断出一个人的能力以及个性。我才发现它几乎代表着我,一个看不到的我。我有一位候选人,姑且称作C。 在和他见面交流后,我替他申请了一份关于高级私人助理的工作。C 是一个有想法的年轻人,一个有自信,上进心的人。但是很遗憾的,他没有被我的顾客选择。我拿着他的履历表,再三仔细的阅读,找上我的上司一起探讨,只为了寻找被拒绝的原因。最后,在她的提点下,我发现:
·         “不”是近照,简历里的照片显得稚气,与他的实际年龄不符合
·         “不”是相关及模糊的现任工作范围,在填写现有的工作岗位内容处,他的表达方式偏向于编写自己在这间公司的心路历程多过于实际负责的工作范围,没有清楚的表达自己的经验
·         “不”是很好的英文成绩,英文成绩属于中下
·         “不”是很多年的工作经验,仅仅拥有3年的工作经验

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            拟于2017 312

The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

Jun 15, 2017
Fall seven times, wake up eight; Breaking the boundaries is good

Did you know that life isn’t about just putting things right to solve the jigsaw puzzle perfectly nor fitting the shape into the right space? Sometimes, all you need to do is to get out of those set of rules that you’re following to see the magic to happen. The domain personality type that I have is that I am someone who works with a set of principles. Putting this into my career as a recruitment consultant, I love to follow those set of rules provided by my clients to source for candidates. But there was one assignment which made me to feel that I have to break from the walls surrounding me to solve an issue. I was assigned to that particular assignment since I joined this organization and trust me or not, only after one year and six months, I managed to close the assignment. In fact, it was the 25th candidate which was successful. The surprising content is that, that candidate does not match for most of the requirements provided by my client. I was stunned and this is the point where I started to realize be it in life or career, loosening a bit from the strict rules cause no harm and sometimes, it works the best that way. Are you a jobseeker? Sometimes, the position title may not describe anything clearly but the job scope could be something that you’ve been looking for a long time. Try to break your boundary and listen to what the recruiter has to say and then to decide whether you want it.

                                                                                                                                                                       Written on 16th May 2017 by Harshini

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