The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

14 Aug 2017
The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants
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Your Hair!

Would your hair colour determine the interview result? Being Asians, black hair is common especially in offices/corporate environments unless you are in beauty/fashion or filming industry that will be a different story. The story starts when my candidate who had just happily celebrated Chinese New Year in his newly dyed hair in bright, blonde colour planned to attend the interview with the same outlook. I was concerned at the beginning and then it became worries. This is simply because my client company’s Director is a conservative Japanese. Somehow, I insisted the candidate to recover his original hair colour a day before the interview and fortunately, he did! I was glad for his cooperation and he was offered for the position of General Manager!

·         Would you want to TRY attending interview in different hair colours?
·         If you are a Manager or the interviewer, would you be concerned over this factor?
·         Do you agree that proper attire (outlook) is important for interview? Is Hair style/colour considered as part of outlook as well?

No Right or Wrong answer, simply a decision/choice to make about how do you want to impress or be perceived.      

                                                                                                                                                                                              Written on 15 March 2017 by Grace Sia


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