The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

14 Sep 2017
The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants
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“Never judge a book by its cover”, this is a very famous saying but unlike what it implies, many of us tend to have a judgement about an individual basing on their appearance; what they wear, how they look & etc. Culturally, we are moulded that way. But did you know that the type of spectacles you choose forms different impression too. Being in the field of recruitment, I’ve realized and gathered some facts. Did you know that employers categorize people with the silver, thin framed spectacles as smart, neat, presentable and attractive compared to those who are with the latest trendy thick, coloured and designed framed glasses? In fact, one of my client (employer) commented that those with thick framed glasses could not be a good sales person as they are perceived to be less friendly, more egoistic thus not having the ability to develop businesses. Now, how true is this, you may want to observe and find out from your organization. But never forget that anyhow, spectacles are one part which forms your outlook and your appearance is the factor which determines the impression one is about to form. Be it in your personal life or career life, first impression counts so think of how you want to appear to your surrounding meanwhile not losing your natural aesthetics.
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