Referral Policy

How Our Referral Rewards Scheme Works:-

JobReferral is now offering some fantastic rewards for your referrals. We are grateful for your help in finding outstanding candidates or employers (companies) and we are showing our appreciation with real rewards of at least RM250 for each Job successfully placed, so why not referring a friend or company today!
  1. A referral fee will only be paid whereby a candidate indicates that they are referred by a specific individual upon initial contact with JobReferral OR the referrer provides the contact details of the referred candidate directly to JobReferral.
  2. If the candidate’s details have already existed on the JobReferral database, the referral fee scheme will not apply.

  3. The candidate referred must be placed into a permanent or contracted full time position by JobReferral.
  4. The referred candidate must remain employed for at least 2 months and one day.

  5. The referral fee will only be paid when the minimum terms outlined in conditions 1 to 4 are met.
  6. JobReferral will not pay the referral fee until the employer has made the related placement fee.

  7. When the candidate is referred by more than one party, only one referral fee will be paid. It will be paid to the first referrer.
  8. It is the responsibility of the referrer to contact JobReferral to claim the referral fee.

  9. The referrer must notify JobReferral of their intention to claim the referral fee within four weeks of the candidate's service commencement date.
  10. The payment of any referral fees is at the sole discretion of JobReferral.

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