Achievers are always open for Challenges

14 Feb 2018
Achievers are always open for Challenges
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Achievers are always open for challenges

Life can get tough at times. It can get tougher when someone assigns something all of a sudden especially to me, a person who used to prepare and finish tasks ahead. When I was assigned to the assignment of Chemical Engineer for one of my Japanese client, I was dumbfounded firstly as it was very last minute and secondly, I know nothing and had zero interest for it. But little did I knew that if I had the interest to learn, it could lead me to achieve tremendously. In the case of my Japanese client, I started off with a heavy heart and unhappy face. Initially I did not manage to get any qualified candidates for my client, everything seems to be like a waste of time for this position. But when my leader had so much of faith in me and solely rely on me for this, I had no choice but to not disappoint her and started to read up about Chemical Engineer, understand from candidates about the common job scope and learnt from client about what they require. Likewise, they say, I can’t believe my own eyes, I was literally astonished to hear the comment from my client that I had done a great job in shortlisting candidates and those who attended for interview were really qualified in some way. My client who planned to hire 1 headcount changed his mind to hire 2 headcounts due to the extremely qualified candidates whom I presented which made them really happy. Those praises aren’t going to stand alone as reputation, but as a motivation and has taught me that, achiever has to take the risks and challenges otherwise you see no good results. Putting in real effort will never fail us in anything we do.
Written on 12thApril 2017 by Harshini

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