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JobReferral, a decade-strong recruitment firm, with a steadfast commitment to ''Success Through People,'' our firm recognizes the intrinsic value of social networking in the recruitment process. Leveraging a decade of experience, we have honed our expertise to make significant strides in effective people placement.

At JobReferral, we understand that success is not just about finding the right skills but also fostering connections. Our unique approach taps into the power of relationships, creating a dynamic ecosystem where talent and opportunities converge seamlessly. We pride ourselves on cultivating a collaborative environment where individuals thrive and organizations prosper. Embracing change and adapting to evolving industry needs, JobReferral continues to be a catalyst for positive transformations in recruitment, driving success stories through the power of people and the strength of our robust Referral System.


Vision Statement
To be the First Choice of Recruitment Solutions in Malaysia by 2025
Mission Statement
To be the Leader in Recruitment industry through total commitment to People and Technology, with superior Customer Satisfaction
Our Team

At JobReferral, our team members are all highly experienced professionals with the resources necessary to identify and secure the best candidates. We try, in our small way, in making Career Opportunities easier to Find and Broadcast.

Darrell Oong

A CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) Australia, Darrell began his career as an Auditor with a few Audit & Accounting Consultancy firms. Besides, he is also experienced in operating tertiary education colleges and managing a team of lecturers who churns out a group of top quality Accounting Professionals locally.

In 2008, Darrell decided to move on from Professional advisory into Commercial line by  joining a multi-national company as a Finance Manager. As a result, Darrell has rich management experience in founding and incubating his own companies as well as business consultancy especially for foreign investors.

Grace Sia

An Accounting & Marketing graduate from Charles Sturt University, Australia, Grace has over 10 years of commercial (industrial) experience while serving her tenure for an American Fortune 500 Company.

With her interest in building the network of people and fulfilling the staffing needs of her previous pool of industrial clients, JobReferral was founded to further pursue her dream as a Professional Recruitment Consultant.

Harshini Kanniah (Certified NLP Coach)

With the passion in observing & analysing human behaviour, Harshini completed her Degree in Psychology from UCSI University, Malaysia and is now a Certified NLP Coach by Ulyses Wang Academy. While developing great interest in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, she focuses on the application of theoretical approaches towards understanding the relationship between people, emotions & behaviour in an organization or workplace.

The cornerstone of her career is laid when she successfully joined JobReferral as a Recruitment Consultant. She is now passionately recruiting while applying psychological analysis to understand people.

Xin Yi,Tang

Xin Yi has done her Degree in Human Resource Development in University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). While getting deeper in this aspect of recruitment which plays an important part in Human Resource Management, Xin Yi has developed her interests & passion in the art of interaction and communication between employees in organizations.

As joining JobReferral to be a Recruitment Consultant, she grabs an opportunity to further develop her skills in linguistic and communication. She is now recruiting while further exploring her findings on how linguistics magic being played in the organization.

Joanna Kausalya

Joanna is Food Science graduate from Monash University who is highly passionate about learning new skills and expanding her network with people from different backgrounds. As a head-hunter, she aspires to attract, retain and foster long-term relationship with top notch talents in order to help them to land on the right career while helping them to achieve their full potential. As part of JobReferral, her goal is to hone her expertise in full-life cycle of recruitment especially in technical jobs for food industries, e.g. Food Technologist, Product Application Specialist, R & D, Food Safety & Food Chemist in order to connect well with these potential talents while serving the clients’ needs.

Thenmoli Silvarajoo

Thenmoli holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with major in Human Resources Management. Over the past eight years, she has served as an HR Generalist in various industries ranging from Retail, Property, Manufacturing to Telecommunication. Her passion and interest in human management has lead her to broaden her horizon by handling full spectrum of HR which includes HR Administration, Payroll, Employee Relation and more. Now, she has seized the opportunity to concentrate on recruiting and placing effective candidates in the right positions, as well as providing excellent customer service through effective communication while serving various industries.

Yamuna Kamalasanan

Introducing Yamuna, your trusted external recruiter who specializes in Business Development and creating new opportunities within the corporate world, with a particular focus on the manufacturing industry. Holding a Degree in Business Management from UNITAR, Yamuna combines her academic expertise with a genuine passion for recruitment. With a keen eye for identifying talent and a deep understanding of the manufacturing sector, she is dedicated to connecting exceptional individuals with exciting career prospects. Yamuna's commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and her knack for creating new business opportunities make her the go-to recruiter for your corporate recruitment needs in the manufacturing industry.

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